, Volume 85, Issue 2, pp 337-342

Galvanomagnetic phenomena in layered conductors

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The dependence of the resistance and the Hall field in a layered conductor with a quasi-two-dimensional electron energy spectrum of arbitrary shape on the magnitude and orientation of the magnetic field in relation to the layers is analyzed. It is found that when current flows perpendicular to the layers, the resistance of the specimen strongly depends on the angle ϑ between the normal and the vector of a strong magnetic field. The Kapitza law is shown to hold within a fairly broad range of magnetic fields in the plane of the layers, i.e., the resistance increases linearly with the magnetic field strength. The Hall field proves to be insensitive to the emergence of open sections of the Fermi surface, and the Hall constant in strong magnetic fields is the same for any orientation of the magnetic field and the current.

Zh. Éksp. Teor. Fiz. 112, 618–627 (August 1997)