, Volume 99, Issue 2, pp 233-244

A quantum computer based on NV centers in diamond: Optically detected nutations of single electron and nuclear spins

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In an effort to realize a two-bit processor for a quantum computer on the basis of single nitrogen-vacancy defect centers (NV centers) in diamond, the optically detected nutations of the electron spin of a single NV center in the ground state and of the nuclear spin of a 13C atom located at a diamond lattice site nearest to the NV center are studied. The photodynamics of NV and NV + 13C centers under different temperatures and optical excitation conditions is discussed. A seven-level model of a center excited by radiation from an Ar+ laser at room temperature is proposed. On the basis of this model, the experimental spectra of optically detected electron paramagnetic and electron-nuclear double resonances of single NV and NV + 13C centers in diamond nanocrystals, as well as experimental data on the optically detected nutations of the electron and nuclear spins of these centers caused by the actions of pulsed microwave and radiofrequency fields, respectively, are interpreted.