, Volume 51, Issue 4, pp 376-384

Reconstruction of the in-depth temperature distribution for biological objects by linear phased arrays

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The feasibility of the reconstruction of two-dimensional temperature distributions in biological objects with the use of linear phased arrays is investigated theoretically with allowances made for the actual array directivity patterns and without using the data on the absorption coefficient. The method provides an opportunity to reconstruct the temperature distribution in the region under investigation with an accuracy of about 0.5 K from the data of 1.5-min-long measurements when the temperature of the region of interest is raised by 5–10 K.

Translated from Akusticheski \(\overset{\lower0.5em\hbox{\(\smash{\scriptscriptstyle\smile}\)}}{l} \) Zhurnal, Vol. 51, No. 4, 2005, pp. 447–455.
Original Russian Text Copyright © 2005 by Anosov, Gavrilov.