, Volume 95, Issue 5, pp 722-740

Spectroscopic studies of erbium-doped potassium-lead double chloride crystals KPb2Cl5:Er3+: 1. Optical spectra and relaxation of excited states of the erbium ion in potassium-lead double chloride crystals

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Optical spectra, intensities of radiative and nonradiative transitions, and luminescence kinetics in erbium-doped potassium-lead double chloride crystals KPb2Cl5:Er3+s(KPC:Er3+) were investigated. The crystals were grown by the Bridgman-Stockbarger method. Their absorption and luminescence spectra were studied experimentally. The crystal-matrix absorption edge was determined at 80 and 300 K. Intensity parameters, radiative transition probabilities, branching ratios, and nonradiative relaxation rates were estimated by the Judd-Ofelt method. The luminescence kinetics from the emitting levels 4 G 11/2, 2 G 9/2, 4 S 3/2, and 4 F 9/2 upon selective excitation was studied.

Translated from Optika i Spektroskopiya, Vol. 95, No. 5, 2003, pp. 772–791.
Original Russian Text Copyright © 2003 by Tkachuk, Ivanova, Isaenko, Yelisseyev, Joubert, Guyot, Payne.