Atoms, Spectra, Radiation

Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics

, Volume 96, Issue 5, pp 816-831

First online:

A generalized Milne solution for the correlation effects of multiple light scattering with polarization

  • V. L. KuzminAffiliated withSt. Petersburg Institute of Commerce and Economics
  • , E. V. AksenovaAffiliated withInstitute of High-Performance Computing and Databases

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The Wiener-Hopf method is used to obtain a generalized Milne solution for scalar and electromagnetic fields with single-scattering anisotropy. For the scalar field, the solution found for the time correlation function and the interference component of backscattering is in good agreement with available experimental data. A solution of the Milne problem is constructed for the electromagnetic field. Given anisotropy, the generalized Milne equation is solved in the P 1 approximation for the quantity that describes the degree of depolarization of the scattered light. It is shown that the depolarization of the scattered light can change sign at large anisotropies.