, Volume 32, Issue 10, pp 1036-1039

Arsenic cluster superlattice in gallium arsenide grown by low-temperature molecular-beam epitaxy

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Molecular-beam epitaxy at 200 °C is used to grow an InAs/GaAs superlattice containing 30 InAs delta-layers with a nominal thickness of 1 monolayer, separated by GaAs layers of thickness 30 nm. It is found that the excess arsenic concentration in such a superlattice is 0.9×1020 cm−3. Annealing the samples at 500 and 600 °C for 15 min leads to precipitation of the excess arsenic mainly into the InAs delta-layers. As a result, a superlattice of two-dimensional sheets of nanoscale arsenic clusters, which coincides with the superlattice of the InAs delta-layers in the GaAs matrix, is obtained.

Fiz. Tekh. Poluprovodn. 32, 1161–1164 (October 1998)