In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology - Plant

, Volume 42, Issue 1, pp 1–18

Recent advances in genetic transformation of forage and turf grasses

Invited Review

DOI: 10.1079/IVP2005726

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Wang, Z. & Ge, Y. In Vitro Cell.Dev.Biol.-Plant (2006) 42: 1. doi:10.1079/IVP2005726


Forage and turf grasses are critical to sustainable agriculture and contribute extensively to the world economy. Tremendous progress has been made in genetic transformation of forage and turf grasses in the past decade. The rapid advancement of cellular and molecular biology and transgenic technology provides novel methods to accelerate and complement conventional breeding efforts. This review summarizes the latest developments in genetic transformation methods and the applications of molecular techniques for the improvement of forage and turf grasses.

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Forage grassgenetic transformationmolecular breedingtransgenic plantsturf grass

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  1. 1.Forage Improvement DivisionThe Samuel Roberts Noble FoundationAramore