, Volume 37, Issue 6, pp 584-588

Studies on the seed transmission of Wheat streak mosaic virus

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Wheat streak mosaic, caused by Wheat streak mosaic virus (WMSV), is a recent disease of wheat in Australia. This study was conducted to investigate seed transmission of WSMV and is the first publication to report on the rate of WSMV seed transmission in artificially inoculated wheat cultivars (0.4%). Furthermore, seed transmission was shown to occur at very low levels (with a maximum of 0.22%) in infected commercial wheat crops of New South Wales, Australia. Seed infection was shown not to be correlated with seed size, and no relationship was determined between seed size and transmission. These results confirm the recent discovery that WSMV is a seedborne disease, and suggest that sizeselection of seed is not an option for growers to eliminate WSMV infected seed from seed lot.