Dose-Response Modeling for Life Cycle Impact Assessment - Findings of the Portland Review Workshop


DOI: 10.1065/lca2006.02.005

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McKone, T., Kyle, A., Jolliet, O. et al. Int J Life Cycle Assessment (2006) 11: 137. doi:10.1065/lca2006.02.005

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© Ecomed 2006

Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Thomas E. McKone University of California 140 Warren Hall #7360, Berkeley 94720 CA USA  
  2. 2.Amy D. Kyle University of California School of Public Health Berkeley California, 94720 USA  
  3. 3.Prof. Olivier Jolliet, PhD University of Michigan Center for Risk Science and Communication Dept. of Environmental Health Sciences School of Public Health 109 South Observatory Ann Arbor MI 48109-2029 USA  
  4. 4.Stig Irving Olsen Technical University Denmark (DTU) 2800 Lyngby DENMARK  
  5. 5.Ass. Prof. Dr. Michael Z. Hauschild Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Management Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Building 424 2800 Lyngby DENMARK  

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