Social Theory & Health

, Volume 8, Issue 2, pp 151–174

Couples undergoing infertility treatment in the Czech Republic: Broad range of possibilities in a traditional milieu


  • Lenka Slepičková
    • Institute for Research on Social Reproduction and Integration, Jostova 10
Special Section Article

DOI: 10.1057/sth.2009.25

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Slepičková, L. Soc Theory Health (2010) 8: 151. doi:10.1057/sth.2009.25


Infertility is a defining experience in a person's individual biography. It disrupts one's assumptions and expectations, especially the assumption of one's fertility and control over the reproductive powers of one's body. This article focuses on the couple's experience with infertility. Its goal is to show how couples handle the problem and which roles are taken when confronted with infertility, within a specific social context. The study is dividend into three parts: in the begining we sum up how partners are affected by constraints lifting access to the methods of assisted reproduction in the Czech Republic and how they react to these constraints. Secondly we describe the roles of men and women in resolving infertility. And finally, we focus on partner negotiations regarding possible solutions for resolving infertility and how they approach two main solutions in infertility – adoption and assisted reproduction. The analysis is based on data from more than 30 qualitative in-depth interviews with men and women.


infertilityassisted reproductionCzech Republicadoption

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