Risk Management

, Volume 10, Issue 1, pp 56–75

Trust and Risk Communication in Setting Internet Banking Security Goals


DOI: 10.1057/palgrave.rm.8250035

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Koskosas, I. Risk Manag (2008) 10: 56. doi:10.1057/palgrave.rm.8250035


The aim of this research is to investigate information systems security in the context of Internet banking. In doing so, it adopts a socio-organizational approach to the subject matter by investigating the interrelationship between trust and risk communication within information technology groups and their possible effect on the level of security goal setting. The research explores and describes different socio-organizational issues and seeks to demonstrate the importance of trust and risk communication in setting efficiently Internet banking goals within the broader context of information systems security management. To this end, it gives also an overview of different goal setting procedures within the IT departments of three financial institutions.


trust risk communication security management Internet banking 

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  1. 1.University of Western MacedoniaKozaniGreece

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