Journal of the Operational Research Society

, Volume 57, Issue 5, pp 510–525

Combining MCDA and conflict analysis: an exploratory application of an integrated approach

Case-Oriented Paper

DOI: 10.1057/palgrave.jors.2602034

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Losa, F. & Belton, V. J Oper Res Soc (2006) 57: 510. doi:10.1057/palgrave.jors.2602034


The majority of personal and organizational problems are multiparty and multi-criteria in nature; that is, they involve conflicts among people and conflicts among goals. The ability to support, in a OR/MS sense, the resolution of such complex problems calls for the exploitation of the complementary features of multiple established methods.

In this exploratory paper, the authors focus on an integrated use of Drama Theory and MCDA. The aim is to develop an integrated framework for multi-actor, multicriteria decision aid that extends each of the existing methodologies and exploits their potential for synergy with a view to providing more effective decision support, on a uni-lateral or multi-lateral basis, to parties embroiled in such circumstances. The descriptive analysis of a live issue documents the approach and demonstrates the potential for such a framework and the benefits that could arise.


group decisionmulti-criteria decision analysisconflict analysisdrama theory

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  1. 1.University of Fribourg, FribourgSwitzerland
  2. 2.University of Strathclyde, GlasgowScotlandUK