Comparative European Politics

, Volume 4, Issue 1, pp 47–64

The 2003 CAP Reform: Accommodating WTO Pressures

  • Alan Swinbank
  • Carsten Daugbjerg
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DOI: 10.1057/palgrave.cep.6110069

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Swinbank, A. & Daugbjerg, C. Comp Eur Polit (2006) 4: 47. doi:10.1057/palgrave.cep.6110069


In 2003, the EU agreed a major reform of the common agricultural policy (CAP). Its centrepiece was a new Single Payment Scheme (SPS). Policy concerns at the time involved the budget, EU enlargement to the East, the WTO negotiations, and a perception (articulated by Commissioner Fischler) that there should be a shift of budget funds from CAP's Pillar 1 (price and income support) to Pillar 2 (rural development). We outline these concerns, conclude that the WTO was the main driving force of the reforms, set out the key parameters of the new support scheme, and outline some thoughts on the durability of the reformed CAP in the face of continued internal and external pressures.



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  • Alan Swinbank
    • 1
  • Carsten Daugbjerg
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of Agricultural and Food EconomicsThe University of ReadingReadingUK
  2. 2.Department of Political ScienceUniversity of Aarhus, UniversitetsparkenAarhus CDenmark