Journal of Brand Management

, Volume 14, Issue 1, pp 125–136

Environmental influences in corporate brand identification and outcomes


    • Marketing at Colorado State University
  • Swinder Janda
    • Marketing at Colorado State University
  • Jaebeom Suh
    • Marketing at Colorado State University

DOI: 10.1057/

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Donavan, D., Janda, S. & Suh, J. J Brand Manag (2006) 14: 125. doi:10.1057/


Integrating elements of social identity theory with the literature on branding, we propose and empirically evaluate a model of corporate branding. The model addresses key antecedents and consequences of brand identification (ID). Results from a survey of college sports fans indicate that the degree to which an individual identifies with an entity is influenced by significant others’ view of the entity and physical proximity to the entity. ID with an entity affects the individual's self-esteem and also influences their likelihood of acquiring symbols associated with the entity either for personal use or as gifts for others.


Identification social identity theory proximity social influence symbol passing

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