Journal of Brand Management

, Volume 14, Issue 1, pp 82–95

Corporate re-branding: From normative models to knowledge management


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Lomax, W. & Mador, M. J Brand Manag (2006) 14: 82. doi:10.1057/


Corporate re-branding has seen extensive activity in recent years, with many organisations treating a name change as a prerequisite to image transformation. But little in the public domain examines the experience of this costly process. This qualitative study examines seven UK-based organisations that have re-branded in the past five years. The sectors are diverse, ranging from energy to charity. Depth interviews conducted with senior managers captured their experiences of re-branding. The aim is to understand better the complex and infrequent process of re-naming, in order to help others undertaking a re-branding process. A normative approach is tested against the reality of the process. Key issue areas are identified for managers re-branding their organisations. A matrix-based typology is also developed, mapping changes in brand name against changes in brand values, which may be used to identify the branding choices being made. It is proposed that both strategic decision making and knowledge management perspectives offer useful insights into effective management of the process.


corporate re-brandingknowledge management; brandingcorporate brandingstrategic managementintuition

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