Economic & Labour Market Review

, Volume 3, Issue 2, pp 37–41

Unemployment Trends since the 1970s

  • Debra Leaker

DOI: 10.1057/elmr.2009.26

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Leaker, D. Econ Lab Market Rev (2009) 3: 37. doi:10.1057/elmr.2009.26


Unemployment occurs when an individual is available and seeking work but is without work. There are various causes of unemployment, but it normally relates to the economic cycle. When the economy is strong, employers create more jobs and unemployment falls. Conversely when the economy is weak, there is a reduction in job opportunities and unemployment rises. This article examines unemployment trends using information from the Labour Force Survey and Jobcentre Plus administrative system. It shows trends in unemployment from the early 1970s, and compares the number of people who classify themselves as unemployed with those who are claiming unemployment related benefits. It also looks at the characteristics of unemployed people to describe variations among different subgroups of the population.

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  • Debra Leaker
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  1. 1.Office for National Statistics

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