Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice

, Volume 11, Issue 2, pp 124–139

What happened to strategic segmentation?

  • Angus Jenkinson

DOI: 10.1057/dddmp.2009.27

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Jenkinson, A. J Direct Data Digit Mark Pract (2009) 11: 124. doi:10.1057/dddmp.2009.27


Segmentation that combines insight with descriptive, predictive and operational capability represents the most complete and powerful capability for marketers, when achievable, and therefore a gold standard. However, the author notes a trend towards simpler, limited modes. These tend to isolate capabilities, such as descriptive market segmentation, or predictive analytics for targeting tactical campaigns, or real-time ‘black-box’ behavioural algorithms, such as collaborative filtering and next best action. The author suggests this is brought about by failures in technique, process or imagination, giving typical causes, and posits a simple ‘test of effectiveness’ self-audit for organisation decision-making.


segmentationcollaborative filteringanalyticsstrategyauditdata mining

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