, Volume 17, Issue 4, pp 473-479

Effect of heterotrophic nanoflagellates on the loss of virus-like particles in pond water

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A decrease in the abundance of virus-like particles (VLP) by heterotrophic nanoflagellates (HNF) was examined using size-fractionated water samples taken from a hypereutrophic pond in December 1999, and in March and July 2000. We recorded a considerable decrease in the abundance of VLP in the 5.0 µm filtrate relative to the 0.2–0.8 µm filtrates. Decrease rates of VLP were reduced in a parallel 5.0 µm filtrate treated with cycloheximide. The loss rates of VLP in 5.0 µm filtrate varied in each experiment, and a high rate of loss was found when the growth rate of HNF was high. These results suggested that HNF consumed the VLP and that HNF is an important factor for decreasing viral abundance in freshwater environments.