Journal of Heuristics

, Volume 8, Issue 5, pp 503-514

First online:

Enhanced Direct and Indirect Genetic Algorithm Approaches for a Mall Layout and Tenant Selection Problem

  • Uwe AickelinAffiliated withUniversity of the West of England
  • , Kathryn A. DowslandAffiliated withEuropean Business Management School, University of Wales Swansea

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During our earlier research, it was recognised that in order to be successful with an indirect genetic algorithm approach using a decoder, the decoder has to strike a balance between being an optimiser in its own right and finding feasible solutions. Previously this balance was achieved manually. Here we extend this by presenting an automated approach where the genetic algorithm itself, simultaneously to solving the problem, sets weights to balance the components out. Subsequently we were able to solve a complex and non-linear scheduling problem better than with a standard direct genetic algorithm implementation.

genetic algorithms combinatorial optimisation heuristics scheduling