Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry

, Volume 236, Issue 1, pp 95-105

First online:

Peroxo-bridged divanadate as selective bromide oxidant in bromoperoxidation

  • Swapnalee SarmahAffiliated withDepartment of Chemical Sciences, Tezpur University
  • , Pankaj HazarikaAffiliated withDepartment of Chemical Sciences, Tezpur University
  • , Nashreen S. IslamAffiliated withDepartment of Chemical Sciences, Tezpur University

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Diperoxovanadate is effective only in presence of free vanadate in vanadium-dependent bromoperoxidation at physiological pH. Peroxide in the form of bridged divanadate complex (VOOV-type), but not the bidentate form as in diperoxovanadate, is proposed to be the oxidant of bromide. In order to obtain direct evidence, peroxo-divanadate complexes with glycyl-glycine, glycyl-alanine and glycyl-asparagine as heteroligands were synthesized. By elemental analysis and spectral studies they were characterized to be triperoxo-divanadates, [V2O2(O2)3(peptide)3].H2O, with the two vanadium atoms bridged by a peroxide and a heteroligand. The dipeptide seems to stabilize the peroxo-bridge by inter-ligand interaction, possibly hydrogen bonding. This is indicated by rapid degradation of these compounds on dissolving in water with partial loss of peroxide accompanied by release of bubbles of oxygen. The 51V-NMR spectra of such solutions showed diperoxovanadate and decavanadate (oligomerized from vanadate) as the products. Additional oxygen was released on treating these solutions with catalase as expected of residual diperoxovanadate. The solid compounds when added to the reaction mixtures showed transient, rapid bromoperoxidation reaction, but not oxidation of NADH or inactivation of glucose oxidase, the other two activities shown by a mixture of diperoxovanadate and vanadyl. This demonstration of peroxide-bridged divanadate as a powerful, selective oxidant of bromide, active at physiological pH, should make it a possible candidate of mimic in the action of vanadium in bromoperoxidase proteins.

bromoperoxidation bromide oxidant peroxo-bridged divanadate diperoxovanadate