, Volume 16, Issue 2, pp 145-169

Optimal Crop Planning and Conjunctive Use of Water Resources in a Coastal River Basin

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Due to increasing trend of intensive rice cultivation in a coastal river basin, crop planning and groundwater management areimperative for the sustainable agriculture. For effective management, two models have been developed viz. groundwater balance model and optimum cropping and groundwater management model to determine optimum cropping pattern and groundwater allocation from private and government tubewells according to different soil types (saline and non-saline), type of agriculture(rainfed and irrigated) and seasons (monsoon and winter). A groundwater balance model has been developed considering mass balance approach. The components of the groundwater balance considered are recharge from rainfall, irrigated rice and non-rice fields, base flow from rivers and seepage flow from surface drains. In the second phase, a linear programming optimization model is developed for optimal cropping and groundwater management for maximizing the economic returns. Themodels developed were applied to a portion of coastal river basin in Orissa State, India and optimal cropping pattern forvarious scenarios of river flow and groundwater availability wasobtained.