Research in Science Education

, Volume 31, Issue 2, pp 289–307

Documenting Science Teachers' Pedagogical Content Knowledge Through PaP-eRs


  • John Loughran
    • Monash University
  • Philippa Milroy
    • Monash University
  • Amanda Berry
    • Monash University
  • Richard Gunstone
    • Monash University
  • Pamela Mulhall
    • Monash University

DOI: 10.1023/A:1013124409567

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Loughran, J., Milroy, P., Berry, A. et al. Research in Science Education (2001) 31: 289. doi:10.1023/A:1013124409567


This paper examines science teachers' pedagogical content knowledge and ways in which that knowledge might be captured, articulated and portrayed to others. The research from which this paper is drawn has involved interviews with experienced science teachers in an attempt to make the tacit nature of their practice explicit. Initially, case methodology was envisaged as being a way of documenting these teachers' pedagogical content knowledge. However, over time, the form of knowledge and information that we were gathering and attempting to portray extended beyond that which could reasonably be described as being case-based. Hence we have developed an approach to articulation and portrayal based on what we call the CoRe (Content Representation) – which represents the particular content/topic of the science teaching – and PaP-eRs (Pedagogical and Professional experience Repertoire) – which help to illuminate specific aspects of the CoRe and therefore offer insights into pedagogical content knowledge itself. The results of this study offer new ways of conceptualising what pedagogical content knowledge is and how it might be captured, documented and disseminated.

pedagogical content knowledge science teachers' professional knowledge science teaching and learning

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