, Volume 45, Issue 5, pp 982-986

Prediction of Short-Term Outcome for Patients with Active Ulcerative Colitis

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We report results of a retrospective chart review to evaluate factors predicting short-term outcome of patients with ulcerative colitis treated by corticosteroids. Between January 1992 and December 1997, we treated 71 patients with ulcerative colitis (44 with severe and 27 with moderately severe disease). Forty-nine patients were treated by conventional prednisolone therapy and 22 patients by steroid pulse therapy. There were no differences in clinical or endoscopic improvement between the two treatments. Clinical examination showed that 41 patients entered remission, 17 patients improved, and 13 patients did not respond. Endoscopically, 26 patients entered remission, 30 patients improved, and 15 patients did not respond. Extent of disease, type of disease (first attack, relapsing, or chronic active type), and endoscopic findings were factors useful in predicting short-term outcome of medical treatment.