International Journal of Theoretical Physics

, Volume 38, Issue 2, pp 585–598

Klein–Gordon and Dirac Equations in de Sitter Space–Time

  • E. A. Notte Cuello
  • E. Capelas De Oliveira

DOI: 10.1023/A:1026647005325

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Cuello, E.A.N. & Oliveira, E.C.D. International Journal of Theoretical Physics (1999) 38: 585. doi:10.1023/A:1026647005325


We present and discuss the Klein–Gordonand Dirac wave equations in the de Sitter universe. Toobtain the Dirac wave equation we use the factorizationof the second-order invariant Casimir operatorassociated to the Fantappie–de Sitter group. Boththe Klein–Gordon and Dirac wave equations arediscussed in terms of the spherical harmonics with spinweight. A particular case of Dirac wave equation issolved in terms of a new class of polynomials.

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  • E. A. Notte Cuello
  • E. Capelas De Oliveira

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