, Volume 63, Issue 1, pp 161-172

Thermal Study of Surfactant and Anion Adsorption on Clinoptilolite

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The mechanism of surfactant adsorption on various forms of clinoptilolite was studied by DTA, TG and DTG analyses. The examined series of surfactant modified clinoptilolite (SMC) was previously prepared by the adsorption of the surface-active oleylamine on Ca2+, Na+, H+ and mechanochemically treated forms of clinoptilolite. The oleylamine was most strongly adsorbed on H+-forms of clinoptilolite due to the largest number and strength of adsorption sites. The surfactant adsorption mechanism on H+-form of clinoptilolite was studied by recording the series of variously surfactant-loaded samples. The products of sulphate, dihydrogenphosphate and hydrogenchromate adsorption on SMC were analyzed by DTA, TG and DTG in order to investigate the mechanism of anion adsorption.