, Volume 14, Issue 3, pp 399-404

Selection of a strain of Aspergillus for the production of citric acid from pineapple waste in solid-state fermentation

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Aspergillus foetidus ACM 3996 (=FRR 3558) and three strains of Aspergillus niger ACM 4992 (=ATCC 9142), ACM 4993 (=ATCC 10577), ACM 4994 (=ATCC 12846) were compared for the production of citric acid from pineapple peel in solid-state fermentation. A. niger ACM 4992 produced the highest amount of citric acid, with a yield of 19.4g of citric acid per 100g of dry fermented pineapple waste under optimum conditions, representing a yield of 0.74g citric acid/g sugar consumed. Optimal conditions were 65% (w/w) initial moisture content, 3% (v/w) methanol, 30°C, an unadjusted initial pH of 3.4, a particle size of 2mm and 5ppm Fe2+. Citric acid production was best in flasks, with lower yields being obtained in tray and rotating drum bioreactors.