, Volume 59, Issue 1, pp 45-63

Taxonomic revision of Hilmylepis Skryabin & Matevosyan, 1942 (Cyclophyllidea: Hymenolepididae)

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Three species of Hilmylepis Skryabin & Matevosyan, 1942 are redescribed: H. nagatyi (Hilmy, 1936) from shrews Crocidura foxi, C. theresae, C. giffardi and C. occidentalis in the Ivory Coast; H. raillieti (Joyeux & Baer, 1950) on the basis of syntypes from C. russula in France; and H. prokopici Genov, 1970 from C. leucodon and C. suaveolens in Bulgaria. The holotype of H. sharpiloi Tkach & Velikanov, 1990 from Diplomesodon pulchellum in Turkmenistan is figured and a brief description of the species, based on that of Tkach & Velikanov (1990), is presented. The major reliable diagnostic characters of Hilmylepis are re-evaluated. The number and length of the rostellar hooks, the shape of the rostellum and the host-range of Hilmylepis spp. are considered as the main distinguishing characters applicable at the species level. An amended generic diagnosis and an identification key to Hilmylepis spp. are presented.