, Volume 220, Issue 2, pp 307-316

Extended search for correlation between solar mean magnetic field Bison data and coronal mass ejections

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The Birmingham Solar-Oscillations Network (BiSON) has acquired high-precision solar mean magnetic field (SMMF) data on a 40-s cadence for a decade. We present attempts to compare such data from recent years with the occurrence of coronal mass ejections (CMEs) as recorded by LASCO, using correlation techniques applied to measurements from different BiSON instruments to maximise the sensitivity to CME-related SMMF responses. SMMF measurements were recorded at the time of occurrence of several hundred CMEs. No CME event shows a convincing response in our SMMF data at short periods setting a threshold amplitude of 12 mG. By averaging data sets we are able to set lower thresholds, which depend somewhat on the distribution of response strengths. A brief summary of the very first results of this study is also given in Chaplin et al.