, Volume 13, Issue 8, pp 1357-1368

Relationship with God and the Quality of Life of Prostate Cancer Survivors

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This study explored the role of relationship with God with respect to the quality of life of men with prostate cancer. Thirty-four men with prostate cancer completed questionnaires on demographic and illness factors, aspects of relationship with God (e.g., God image), nonreligious resources (e.g., optimism) and physical, social and emotion functioning. Results showed that relationship with God was a significant factor in the prediction of role, emotional and social functioning for these men after controlling for age, reported severity of treatment reactions and nonreligious resources. Notably, different aspects of relationship with God (e.g., causal attribution) evidenced different associations with functioning and the nonreligious resource of perceived health control. Such results suggest that relationship with God may function in a complex manner as a resource in coping with prostate cancer. Longitudinal research is needed to clarify the role of religious/spiritual resources in the short- and long-term quality of life of men with prostate cancer.