, Volume 58, Issue 3, pp 1-8

Nutritional contents of different foliage cuttings of vegetable amaranth


The foliage of 10 promising cultivars of vegetable amaranth from four cuttings were evaluated separately to gather information on different nutritional and antinutritional factors. Considering palatability and digestibility, the cultivars AV-35/1, AV-35, AV-45, AV- 77 and AV-63 were found to be the most promising because of low fiber and high protein (g/100 g). On an overall mean basis, the cultivar AV-35 (353.0 ± 54.6 mg/kg) followed by AV-45 (350.25± 73.59 mg/kg) and AV-35/1 (324.78±58.56 mg/kg) had the higher carotenoid contents. Leaf protein content ranged from 1.95 to 3.06 g/100 g with the maximum being in AV-63 (3.06 g). The ascorbic acid was variable (135.0 to 215 mg/100 g); the highest was noted in AV-64 (215.0 mg/100 g). Oxalic acid was lowest in AV-45 (0.06%) followed by AV-151 (0.11%). Considering overall nutritional values, AV-35, AV-45 and AV-35/1 were the promising genotypes.