, Volume 8, Issue 3, pp 239-249

Shared Sub-Path Protection Algorithm in Traffic-Grooming WDM Mesh Networks

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In this paper, we investigate the problem of dynamically establishing dependable connections in wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) mesh networks with traffic-grooming capabilities. We first develop a new wavelength-plane graph (WPG) to represent the current state of the network. We then propose a dynamic shared sub-path protection (SSPP) scheme based on this WPG. To establish a dependable connection, SSPP first searches a primary path for each connection request, and then it segments the found path into several equal-length sub-paths, and computes their corresponding backup paths, respectively. If two sub-paths in SSPP are fiber-disjoint then their backup paths can share backup resources to obtain optimal spare capacity. Based on dynamic traffic with different load, the performance of SSPP has been investigated via simulations. The results show that SSPP can make the tradeoffs between resource utilization and restoration time.