, Volume 5, Issue 5-6, pp 497-519

Kinetics and Mechanism of in situ Simultaneous Formation of Metal Nanoparticles in Stabilizing Polymer Matrix

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The kinetic peculiarities of the thermal transformations of unsaturated metal carboxylates (transition metal acrylates and maleates as well as their cocrystallites) and properties of metal-polymer nanocomposites formed have been studied. The composition and structure of metal-containing precursors and the products of the thermolysis were identified by X-ray analysis, optical and electron microscopy, magnetic measurements, EXAFS, IR and mass spectroscopy. The thermal transformations of metal-containing monomers studied are the complex process including dehydration, solid phase polymerization, and thermolysis process which proceed at varied temperature ranges. At 200–300°C the rate of thermal decay can be described by first-order equations. The products of decompositions are nanometer-sized particles of metal or its oxides with a narrow size distribution (the mean particle diameter of 5–10nm) stabilized by the polymer matrix.