, Volume 5, Issue 5-6, pp 521-528

Synthesis and Characteristics of Ultra-Fine Superconducting Powders in the Nb–N, Nb–N–C, Nb–Ti–N–C systems

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The single phase powders of NbN, NbN1-yCy, Nb1-xTixN1-yCy with a mean particle size of 10–70nm were prepared in the nitrogen plasma flow of a microwave discharge at a hydrogen reduction of NbF5 only, or in a mixture with C5H12, or with the addition of TiCl4. It was established that the critical magnetic field of ultra-fine niobium–titanium carbonitride powders is about three times higher as compared with bulk samples of the same composition. The critical magnetic field ran up to 55T for ultra-fine powders with the optimal composition Nb0.8Ti0.2N0.8C0.2. This material may be interesting for the technical superconductivity in the helium temperature range.