Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry

, Volume 259, Issue 3, pp 381-384

Instrumental neutron activation analysis based on k0-standardization method as compared with other methods in the analysis of the IAEA inter-comparison test

  • I. O. AbugassaAffiliated withNeutron Activation Analysis Department, Tajura Research Center
  • , S. SarmaniAffiliated withDepartment of Nuclear Science, National University of Malaysia
  • , U. El-GhawiAffiliated withNeutron Activation Analysis Department, Tajura Research Center

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Results of inter-comparison test organized by the IAEA are analyzed according to the contribution and performance of INAA as non-destructive method for trace elements analysis as compared to other techniques. Several methods were employed for certifying the biological sample (IAEA-0140) and were also compared. It is shown that NAA is the method of a good accuracy and precision. The biological sample has been investigated by INAA based on semi-absolute technique. More than 30 elements have determined without using standards. The reference materials, which are certified in this manner and utilized as primary standard, are also discussed.