Journal of Youth and Adolescence

, Volume 33, Issue 3, pp 213–220

Identity Style, Parental Authority, and Identity Commitment


DOI: 10.1023/B:JOYO.0000025320.89778.29

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Berzonsky, M.D. Journal of Youth and Adolescence (2004) 33: 213. doi:10.1023/B:JOYO.0000025320.89778.29


The role that parental authority patterns and social-cognitive identity styles may play in establishing identity commitments was investigated. The results indicated that family authority and identity style variables combined accounted for 50% of the variation in strength of identity commitment. As hypothesized, the relationship between parental authority and identity commitment was mediated by identity style. The findings are consistent with the view that family authority patterns may contribute to the way in which late adolescents negotiate the task of constructing a sense of identity. Alternative explanations of the findings are considered.

identity styleparental stylecommitmentauthoritative

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