, Volume 44, Issue 3, pp 441-447

[Hg3]4+ Cation in Inorganic Crystal Structures

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The crystal-chemical structure of the minerals and inorganic compounds kuznetsovite [Hg3](AsO4)Cl and terlinguaite [Hg3][HgO2]Cl2, as well as [Hg3]3(AsO4)4 and [Hg3]2[HgO2](PO2 and their analogs, is considered from the viewpoint of the packing of large supramolecular atomic groups. The “cationic” layer of polyhedra around the large [Hg3]4+ cations, alternating with the anionic layer of [HgO2]2-, (AsO4)3-, (PO4)3-, Cl-, plays the major role in structure formation. Segregation of mercury cations of different valences possibly reflects the solid-state transformations occurring in nature and accompanied by mercury liberation.