, Volume 47, Issue 1, pp 119-123

A Nanoindentation Method for Measuring the Young Modulus of Superhard Materials Using a NanoScan Scanning Probe Microscope

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A new method for measuring the Young modulus using a NanoScan scanning probe microscope is proposed. This method is based on measurements of the oscillation frequency of a probe that is in contact with the surface as a function of the probe–surface separation, and allows the Young modulus to be determined on a scale of a few hundreds of nanometers for many objects, including superhard materials. The error of the Young-modulus measurements does not exceed 10%. The results obtained with this method agree well with the data obtained using the standard nanoindentation technique within the accuracy of measurements. The proposed method is actually nondestructive, since the probe penetration depth into the surface does not exceed several nanometers and the diameter of the contact area is about several tens of nanometers. Thus, it ensures correct measurements of the elastic properties of thin films and separate components in complex multiphase structures.