, Volume 524, Issue 1, pp 1-52

New Genera and Species of ‘Giant’ Ostracods (Crustacea: Cyprididae) from Australia

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Two new genera of giant ostracods Lacrimicypris n. gen. and Repandocypris n. gen. from Australia are described and eight new species:L. kumbar n. sp., R. austinensis n. sp., R. gleneagles n. sp., Mytilocypris coolcalalaya n. sp., Australocypris bennetti n. sp., A. beaumonti n. sp., A. mongerensis n. sp. and Caboncypris kondininensis n. sp. The number of known Australian genera and species of giant ostracods are now 6 and 21, respectively. Keys to genera and species are provided: all species can be distinguished using the hemipenis and male first leg. The usefulness of the bursa copulatrix as a species-level taxonomic character is highlighted. Most of the species described in this paper occur in salt lakes and existing ecological information on Western Australian species, as well as the distributions of all species, are summarized. Western Australia has a particularly rich halobiont fauna but current explanations relating richness of the halobiont fauna to the widespread occurrence of salt lakes appear incomplete. Australocypris bennetti is unusual in that it is frequently found at pH < 4. Its morphology differs slightly in acidic and alkaline waters.