, Volume 512, Issue 1-3, pp 239-245

Crossing test among floating Ulva thalli forming `green tide' in Japan

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Crossing tests were made to determine the relationship between the identified Ulva pertusa, which commonly grows in Japan as an attached form on exposed rocks, and the floating Ulva forming "green tide" inside calm bays. The floating Ulva thalli were collected from five major green tide sites in Japan (Yokohama, Mikawa, Miyajima, Kochi and Hakata). Reproductive maturation was induced in U. pertusa and the floating thalli from each site. Mating between induced gametes was observed. It is therefore believed that the floating thalli from Yokohama, Mikawa and Miyajima were mainly U. pertusa, while those from Kochi and Hakata were of a different species (Ulva sp.1). Furthermore, the Ulva species found in Mikawa is also a species (Ulva sp.2) different from both U. pertusa and Ulva sp.1.