, Volume 504, Issue 1-3, pp 51-58

A simple model of nitrogen retention in reservoirs

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The total nitrogen mass balance was studied over a two-year period in two reservoirs located in south-eastern Poland. Theobserved nitrogen retention (Nret) inthe reservoirs ranged from 0.18 to 2.12g m-2d-1 (mean 0.83g m-2d-1) in case of theRzeszów Reservoir and from -0.02 to0.41 g m-2d-1 (mean 0.13g m-2d-1) in case of the SolinaReservoir, while the percentage retention(Nret) ranged from 7 to 42% (mean22%) and -15 to 73% (mean 35%),respectively. A good relationship betweenNret and nitrogen loads was observedfor the Solina Reservoir. The data obtainedby the author and collected from theresearches of 6 other reservoirs located insouthern Poland were used to develop anempirical model suitable to predict thenitrogen seasonal dynamics in a reservoir.The model allows for the determination ofboth the annual mean Nret value andits seasonal variation in a reservoir.