, Volume 505, Issue 1-3, pp 31-39

Additions to the mysid fauna (Crustacea: Mysidacea) from coastal waters of Mozambique, with descriptions of two new species

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Sampling for mysid shrimps in shallow coastal waters of Mozambique provided new distribution records for Siriella brevicaudata Paulson, 1875, Gastrosaccus bispinosa Wooldridge, 1978, Gastrosaccus longifissura Wooldridge, 1978, Dioptromysis proxima Nouvel, 1964 and Anisomysis maris rubri Bãcescu, 1973. Rhopalophthalmus tropicalis sp. nov. and Gastrosaccus mozambicus sp. nov. are described for the first time. The former species is distinguished from its closest relative R. terranatalis O. Tattersall, 1957 by its much smaller size, the lack of serrations on the lateral spines of the telson, the structure and arrangement of the spines on the antennal sympod and the number of subdivisions of the propodus of the thoracic endopod. Adult males of G. mozambicus sp. nov. show affinity to G. bispinosa, but the two species are separated by the form of the two distal exopod segments on the 3rd pleopod.