, Volume 26, Issue 17, pp 1319-1322

Growth and fatty acid composition of Nannochloropsis sp. grown mixotrophically in fed-batch culture

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The cell growth and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) yields of Nannochloropsis sp. were enhanced in the fed-batch cultures. With feeding glucose solution, the biomass reached 1.1 g dry wt l−1 after 10 days' culture, which was 40% higher than that obtained in the batch culture (0.8 g dry wt l−1). With supplement of nitrate solution, the biomass reached 1 g dry wt l−1, and reached the stationary phase 2 days earlier than the others. The maximum of biomass (1.2 g dry wt l−1) was obtained with the supplement of the mixture of glucose and nitrate solution. The EPA yields of Nannochloropsis sp. after 10 days' growth in the fed-batch cultures were 52 mg l−1, 43 mg l−1 and 56 mg l−1 with, respectively, addition of nitrate, glucose and both together. In batch culture only 35 mg EPA l−1 was obtained.