, Volume 42, Issue 5-6, pp 199-208

Distinct Genes Produce the Alcohol Dehydrogenases of Pollen and Maternal Tissues in Petunia hybrida

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Analysis of cDNA clones derived from hypoxic root mRNA of Petunia hybrida has revealed the existence of a third active gene encoding alcohol dehydrogenase in petunia. A combination of RT-PCR and ADH activity gels provide evidence for the selective tissue-specific expression of these three genes in multiple floral organs and hypoxically stressed roots. Expression of adh 1 in the plant appears to be restricted to immature pollen grains; the other two genes are expressed differentially in maternal anther tissues, stigma, petals, and hypoxic root. This work underscores the utility of RT-PCR for distinguishing expression patterns of closely related genes, clarifies the expression patterns exhibited by members of this gene family, and suggests multiple functions for the adh genes of petunia.