General Relativity and Gravitation

, Volume 30, Issue 11, pp 1555-1562

First online:

The Inner Structure of Black Holes

  • Shahar Hod
  • , Tsvi Piran

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We study the gravitational collapse of a self-gravitating charged scalar-field. Starting with a regular spacetime, we follow the evolution through the formation of an apparent horizon, a Cauchy horizon and a final central singularity. We find a null, weak, mass-inflation singularity along the Cauchy horizon, which is a precursor of a strong, spacelike singularity along the r = 0 hypersurface. The inner black hole region is bounded (in the future) by singularities. This resembles the classical inner structure of a Schwarzschild black hole and it is remarkably different from the inner structure of a charged static Reissner-Nordström or a stationary rotating Kerr black holes.