, Volume 30, Issue 6, pp 513-517

Asymmetric Photolysis with Elliptically Polarized Light

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Previous investigations have shown the efficacyof right-(RCPL) and left-(LCPL) circularly polarized light inpromoting the asymmetric photolysis of racemic organic substratesand producing measurable enantiomeric excesses (e.e.s) whenphotolysis is incomplete. Synchrotron radiation, polychromaticand having out-of-plane components which are elliptically andultimately circularly polarized, has been suggested as auniversal source of RCPL and LCPL on a cosmic scale. The moreprevalent right-(REPL) and left-(LEPL) elliptically polarizedcomponents have never been investigated for similar capabilities.The present study, using a 212.8 nm laser beam to mimic thesynchtrotron radiation, explores the potential of REPL and LEPLin this context and finds a qualitative trend indicating thateach induces asymmetric photolysis in the same sense as RCPL andLCPL, but to a lesser degree.