, Volume 18, Issue 1, pp 61-66

Anti-metastatic efficacy and safety of MMI-166, a selective matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor

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The anti-metastatic efficacy and safety of a newly-developed matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) inhibitor were examined. MMI-166, a N-sulfonylamino acid derivative, inhibited the enzyme activity of MMP-2, 9, and 14 but not MMP-1, 3 or 7. Daily oral administration of MMI-166 resulted in potent inhibition of metastatic lung colonization of Lewis lung carcinoma injected via the tail vein and liver metastasis of C-1H human colon cancer implanted into the spleen at inhibition levels of 43% and 63%, respectively. Daily administration of MMI-166 also resulted in prolonged survival of mice given intraperitoneal implantation of Ma44 human lung cancer cells. The anti-metastatic activity of MMI-166 was as effective as that of other MMP inhibitors with broad inhibitory spectrum. MMI-166 did not affect in vitro tumor cell growth. Neither body weight losses nor hematotoxicity was observed during long-term treatment, indicating the safety of MMI-166 in mice. These results indicate that the selective MMP inhibitor MMI-166 has therapeutic potential as an anti-metastasis agent.