, Volume 18, Issue 4, pp 487-502

Food Choice in Masked Titi Monkeys (Callicebus personatus melanochir): Selectivity or Opportunism?

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I investigated whether the food choice in masked titi monkeys (Callicebus personatus melanochir) is selective with respect to energy or phytochemical characteristics of the food resources or opportunistic in relation to food abundance. I collected data on food choice and availability of food resources for 1 year in a forest fragment of the Atlantic rain forest in Eastern Brazil and analyzed main food items of the masked titi monkeys—fleshy fruit parts, seeds, and young leaves—for protein, lipid, carbohydrates, acid detergent fiber, tannin, and total energy content. A rich season of high food availability is distinct from a lean season with low food availability. Effects of food chemicals on food selection are not apparent. The main factor in food choice in both seasons is the abundance of the food items. Thus, for Callicebus personatus melanochir, opportunistic foraging seems to be the optimal strategy.