Journal of Applied Spectroscopy

, Volume 70, Issue 3, pp 470-473

First online:

Influence of the Type of a Ligand on the Intensity of Luminescence of Ln3+ Ions in Aqueous Solutions

  • I. V. BarsukovAffiliated withF. Skorina Gomel' State University
  • , E. N. KabaevaAffiliated withF. Skorina Gomel' State University
  • , V. V. Syt'koAffiliated withF. Skorina Gomel' State University
  • , S. D. UmreikoAffiliated withBelarusian State University

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The luminescence characteristics of hydrated Ln3+ ions and their complexes with some acidic ligands have been investigated. The possibility of determining the stability of the complexes of lanthanides in solutions from the intensity of luminescence bands is shown. The influence of the characteristic features of the f-electron shell of Ln3+ on the formation of the spectrochemical series is discussed.

luminescence complexing three-valent ions of lanthanides acidic ligands aqueous solutions