, Volume 19, Issue 6, pp 645-648

Microbiological quality assessment of Moroccan camel's milk and identification of predominating lactic acid bacteria

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Samples of camel's milk collected from different zones of Morocco were analysed to evaluate their microbiological quality and to identify predominating lactic acid bacteria (LAB). The following average colony-forming units (c.f.u.s) of aerobic total count, enterococci, faecal and total coliforms, LAB, yeasts,Staphylococcus aureus and spores of sulphite-reducing clostridia were recorded: 6.2 × 107, 2.9 × 104, 1.6 × 104, 7.0 × 106, 1.0 × 107, 3.8 × 104, 1.3 × 105 and 6.0 c.f.u./ml, respectively. The enumeration results were markedly variable and coliforms were not detected in 1 ml of some samples. Bacteriological identification revealed a definite dominance of enterococci with Enterococcus faecalis as the main representative species. Besides Enterococcus, other genera including Pediococcus (28.2%), Streptococcus (4%), Lactococcus (8%) and Leuconostoc(1%) were isolated on de Man, Rogosa and Sharp (MRS) agar.