, Volume 12, Issue 2-3, pp 119-132

Conservation and status of the fish communities inhabiting the Río Conchos basin and middle Rio Grande, México and U.S.A.

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The Chihuahuan Desert region contains a numberof unique aquatic environments, but with fewexceptions, these have been little studied. Because of the dearth of information aboutthese environments and because many of the fishin the region are threatened with extinction orhave gone extinct, we sampled the RíoConchos basin and adjoining aquatic habitats inthe Rio Grande to assess the status of the fishof this region. Most sites showed some degreeof human-induced impacts. A number ofpotentially threatened fish were eitherabundant at only a few sites or rare or absentthroughout the localities sampled. Withoutconcerted binational efforts to conserve thefish of the region, further deletions to thenative fish fauna will likely occur.